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Optimec JCF/IOL

Designed for use in IOL (intraocular lens) laboratories, quality assurance departments and research facilities the Optimec JCF/IOL is an efficient, easy to use instrument.

Used with scaled screen overlays, designed around a customer’s own measurement requirements, it has the ability to check diameters and thickness of an IOL’s lens zones and haptics.

Manufactured using high acuity optics, the JCF/IOL allows clear imaging of the surface and edges of IOLs under examination.

A contoured lens locating platform within the wet cell makes positioning of the IOL for profile measurement fast and simple.

A flat based well, allows the IOL to be easily positioned by the user for diameter, surface and edge inspection.
  • Diameter checks
  • Haptic checks measurement
  • Thickness checks
  • Surface and edge inspection
  • Compatible with Optimec TC20i, providing temperature control of the wet cell saline
  • Compatible with Optimec TSC3, providing temperature control and UV sanitisation of the wet cell saline

Optimec JCF/IOL Product Specification

Dimensions: Height 589mm, Width 353mm, Depth 350mm
Weight: 16kg
Power consumption: 28 watts
Magnification side view: x20 (nominal)
Magnification diameter view: x17 (nominal)
Consumables: 4 x 12V DC 6.6W LED light engines, scaled screen measurement overlays, tweezers
Calibration: Diameter test pieces

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